About Jimmy Eyebrow

When second best is all you can afford and a half-arsed job will suffice, you need Jimmy Eyebrow – Budget Hitman.

Stumbling into the hit business purely by accident, this low-rent, convicted underwear thief burst onto the contract killer scene with a ferocity rarely seen, and the bodies soon began piling up in his wake.

Discreet Rear Entrance volumes one and two, the first two books of the Jimmy Eyebrow series, track his genesis as a hitman as he drags his reluctant and highly risk-averse handler Joe Purple along for the ride.  Somehow, Eyebrow manages to light the fuse of chaos wherever he goes and it’s not long before he finds himself at the epicentre of a brewing storm.

As noted by Lucky Vic in a moment of reflection:

He has created the biggest shit-storm since Big Sav Spadolini and the Turkish Bath incident twenty five years ago.

So if you need the job done and you can live not only with the consequences but also the trail of collateral damage leading straight to your door, Jimmy Eyebrow is your man.